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seasonal flowers & Foliage

I love to work with seasonal flowers. There are so many beautiful shrubs and flowers that grow in this country….a wealth of material, foliage, berries and botanical treasures that can make your wedding flowers look truly individual, beautiful and unique to you.

The possibilities are endless… whenever you marry, and wherever you marry there will be flowers and styles to complement and create lifelong memories of that one magical, special day.


... perhaps a spring wedding using delicate pale blossom as a backdrop, with narcissi and tulips..

or a romantic summer wedding with scented garden roses and blowsy peonies playing the starring role.


Maybe you will marry in the autumn and choose from the rich abundance of flowers, foliage, grasses and seed heads available at that time of year.

Perhaps the romance of a winter wedding appeals, with a palette of dark, rich flowers full of drama and spectacle.


Or something more delicate, fragile and ethereal like early scented narcissi, with snowdrops and hyacinths arranged with larch, pine and fir, stunning by candlelight.



For an industry that revolves around plants and flowers, floral design is surprisingly un green. Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware of just what an impact the cut flower industry can have on the environment, and we cannot go on ignoring this.  Vast quantities of flowers are now grown abroad, mostly in Africa, Ecuador and Colombia.  These flowers are clocking up thousands of air miles before they ever reach our shores.  Environmental, and ecological concerns include the over use of natural resources such as water, unregulated use of pesticides and fungicides and poor working conditions for the workers, as well as the prodigious amount of single use plastic packaging used in their transportation.

Floral foam is another major concern, hundred of tons of which is put into landfill each year.  It  is a petrochemical, derived plastic, and it is not biodegradable.  Small particles washed down the sink enter our waterways and threaten our rivers, waterways and wildlife.

My designs are now foam free, and I use recycled glass vases for arrangements and cardboard boxes for transportation.  

I work with the seasons, buy locally whenever I can, source the majority of foliage from my own garden and seek out environmentally conscious suppliers.. 



arrange a call

If my style appeals to you please feel free to e-mail, call, or use the form link below to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

We can then have a chat on the phone, or a meeting at my studio to start the planning process.  You may have lots of clear ideas as to what you would like, or no idea at all, don't worry, I can help guide you through the various options for flowers and arrangements to best suit you, the time of year, your venue and your budget.

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