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vessels & vases

“A flowerless room is a soulless room, to my way of thinking;

but even a solitary little vase of a living flower may redeem it.”

Vita Sackville West


I have been collecting  old vases and interesting vessels for many years, and have built up quite a collection. I love coloured glass, especially cobalt blue and turquoise which seem to flatter most flowers. Vintage jugs are a favourite, as are kitsch 1950's swans, basically anything that is pretty, unique and a bit different. Its rather like drinking tea from a fine bone china cup poured from a porcelain teapot, everything seems to taste that bit better in something beautiful, it transforms the experience of arranging flowers. 

A tall thin vase can hold one beautiful long stemmed botanical treasure,  a country jug is perfect for a  pretty posy of wild flowers, and a collection of little bottles repeated along a mantelpiece or table can look stunning.  At the other end of the scale a huge urn on a pedestal can create drama and a sense of opulence and abundance. They can all help to create a mood or theme for a wedding or an event. 

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